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What is

TECH-VA automation is a combination of machine learning based tools for Compositing templates. It allows you to remove markers and pull the key automatically in minutes, detect and place Macbeth charts and references balls automatically, and more.

Why to use TECH-VA

Efficiency and

Reduce the amount of repetitive human labor. Allow resources to be diverted elsewhere.


What used to take long hours is now taking seconds. Get more time for creativity.

Designed by
compositing artists

More than 20+ years of our experience in visual effects creation, automation and programming are available with TECH-VA software.

How it works

our software

Setup the docker with our software and then install our Nuke plugin

Run our server
powered by AI

Run the docker on your server and our AI will be ready to solve your compositing tasks

Automate your Nuke
scripts using our nodes

Run Nuke and use TECH-VA nodes and automation in your pipelines

Stable predictions

Get consistent results in the sequence of shots for alpha masks and tracking markers.

Full parameters control

Compositing artists keep full control over automated results and prediction parameters.

Speed & Flexibility

The automation allows to analyze and process tens of thousands frames per 24h to achieve desired results.

Pre & post visualization

Any test shoots and planning can be done quickly using our automations.

Internal back plates         

Automatically generate back plates for other departments: Layout, Animation, Lighting, FX.

Temp delivery

Increase speed for your temp deliveries. Remove markers and pull green and blue keys automatically.

Our mission is to significantly help VFX companies and artists reduce the time and cost during the initial stages of post-production.

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